• Zooplankton identification and taxonomy.
  • Benthic invertebrates.
  • Application of water quality indices.
  • Scientific technical reports.
  • Consulting services.


Zoolimnos provides customized services depending on each project’s needs. In order to determine the most realistic and competitive pricing we take into account several criteria. To get a quote please contact us.


Preserving Zooplankton Samples

Ethanol or isopropanol (30-40%) are the preservatives of choice for samples that will be analyzed less than a year after they were collected. For long term storage (greater than one year) 2-4% formaldehyde is the only permanent preservative routinely used for zooplankton. Keep in mind that formaldehyde is recognized as a toxic, carcinogenic substance. Use alcohol when ever possible.

Preserving Macroinvertebrate Samples

Ethanol is a potent enough fixative for most applications and is much safer to deal with. Careful attention must be paid to the final concentration of alcohol in the sample. Too high a concentration will cause the invertebrates to dehydrate and become brittle, and therefore make them very difficult for our macroinvertebrate taxonomists to identify. If the alcohol concentration is too low, the samples will not be adequately preserved and cause your invertebrates to decompose in their containers! For long term storage we recommend a solution of 70-80% ethanol.